An unrelenting pursuit of the best.
All for you.

Despite having a name that dates back to 1744, we have no interest in resting on our laurels. Rather, we’re focused on one thing: You.

We could allow our past accomplishments to define us. After all, Sotheby’s and the art of living have been synonymous for nearly three centuries.

But instead of dwelling on the past, our vision is fixed firmly on the future. And that future is one centered on you, our client.

Our heritage and beliefs have led to a company culture that’s obsessed with the best for our clients. Thus, what most consider to be an elusive, premium experience has become our standard.

How we’re able to consistently perform at such a high level is quite simple:
We’ve searched high and low for agents and staff that are second to none. We then support and nurture them in every possible way, ensuring they have all that they need to consistently provide you with a home buying experience without equal.

Agents who are at the ready to answer any question.
Who truly understand what you’re looking for.
Who think outside the box, discovering solutions before a problem even arises.
And who get everything right, down to the smallest detail.

As individuals and as a team, we focus all of our knowledge, experience, connections, and innovations around what you are striving to achieve in the most important place in the world: home.

Experience a life well lived. Let Sotheby’s International Realty make it happen.

Our Leadership Team

Tammy Sinkel


Casey Thrash



Margaret Kelaart

Chief Financial

Nancy Pilhofer

Lead Office

Grace Troje

Minneapolis Office

Elizabeth website

Elizabeth exon

Office Manager

Kate Carroll

Wayzata Office Manager

Megan Costa

Director of
Business Development

Christine Schroepfer

Strategic Growth Coordinator

Kristi Field

Director of Relocation
and Referral Manager

Erica Rinder

Relocation and
Referral Manager

Jennifer Johnson

Relocation Coordinator

Leeann Lehto

Director of
Risk Management

Lacy Bell


Stephanie Rundquist


Nick Evans

Senior Accountant