Erica Serbus

Relocation Coordinator


“Simple can be harder than complex.” This is a truth that Erica fully understands. As a relocation coordinator, she’s not intimidated by all of the details involved with helping people move to an entirely new region.

Erica’s goal is to make the journey simpler and easier for everyone—especially relocation management companies and agents. A very complex challenge indeed.

What makes it a joy for Erica is her adaptability: instead of viewing a new challenge as an obstacle, it becomes a solution waiting to be discovered. Extra steps are only twists in the journey to discover the best possible result. While others may panic as problems arise, Erica faces it all with a smile as she adapts to find the best solution for everyone.


Started in real estate: 2015

Hometown: Roseville, MN

Favorite thing about Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty: The agents. I love how everyone comes from different backgrounds, yet we all have common interests. 

Personal Motto: “Make a difference every day.”