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Josh Neumann REALTOR®, Ganje + Partners

Real estate was something I fell into. Doors were not opening in my field (education and finance) and I became bored with those employment opportunities. Past jobs had been geared toward an educational or social service perspective, but with each one, I always felt that I could be making more of a difference.

When I started in real estate, it was exciting to have a renewed mindset. In very short order, I realized that I was really making an important contribution. It wasn’t just about business. Sure, business is a good percentage of what I do –marketing, negotiating on behalf of clients, and analyzing numbers to make something work. But it was WHY people buy and sell that helped me realize the human impact of selling real estate.

A high percentage of real estate transactions are generated by life changes – a growing family, downsizing, marriage, divorce. Being a part of a real estate transaction is more than selling “real estate”…it’s selling a home – a place where memories are made. In my head, I understood I was selling a home, but I had to feel it in my heart. Once I realized that I was part of that memory-making process, I knew that’s why I sell real estate.

When helping clients purchase or sell a home, particularly first-time home buyers, I approach the process from an educational perspective. My educational background has been very worthwhile in helping them to understand the process from start to finish in a home purchase or sale, and bridges my past work experience to what I’m doing now.

I get a great deal of reward helping those who have been in their homes for many years and decide it’s time to downsize or move on to the next phase of their lives. Unlike first-time buyers, they have raised their children and seen them off to new challenges and opportunities. Their home provided a venue for events and memories over the years. Facilitating this transition is why I sell real estate.

Throughout my 10 years in real estate, I have seen buyers purchase and sellers sell for all kinds of reasons. Each buyer and seller I work with is different, which makes it so enjoyable and challenging. It frequently involves a life transition and I get to help them in that important phase and journey in their life. It makes it very worthwhile and brings a lot of value to the work I do. I am making a difference and am never bored. Every day is different.

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